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Be a DJ

All KVNF DJs are volunteers from the community who have a passion for music and love sharing it.  KVNF provides the technical training and a vast library of music from a wide variety of musical genres. DJs are also welcome to bring in their own music to supplement the musical selections from the KVNF library.

DJs must be members of KVNF.  A Basic Membership at KVNF is $35.00 a year. Once a trainee attends the training, they have opportunities to sit in with mentoring DJs on their shows to gain experience and confidence in their newly gained skills. The trainee must then submit a demo tape of themselves doing a mock show to the program director for feedback. Most DJs start off substituting for shows when the regular host is away until a more permanent position opens in a musical genre they appreciate. For information on the next DJ training, email KVNF Volunteer Coordinator Adam Smith,  adam@kvnf.org.

Read the current DJ Agreement, which is signed by all KVNF DJs.