Pass the Mic Bios 2013

Eden Clearwater- Energy Reporter

Eden is twelve and lives in Paonia.  Eden is a well-known poet, filmer, actor and editor. Eden loves the North Fork Valley and the community that surrounds him. He has been creating short films for three years and has won awards for his films. He looks forward to covering news on energy in the valley and working with pass the mic to discover more people who are using alternative methods to fuel their lives.

Cristina Marie Rankin – Energy Reporter
Cristina Marie Rankin is a happy 11 year old.  She is a 5th grader at Paonia Elementary school where her favorite subject is math. She loves to go to the pool and hang out with her friends.    She loves to sit down and talk with her dad about his day working with energy.  He is a coal miner.   She loves to be as creative as she can be and at the end of the day -  she loves to be herself.

Noah McDaniel – Healthcare Reporter

Noah was born in Denver, Colorado in 2003. He moved to Crawford and then Paonia soon after. He has enjoyed hosting the Pot 'O Gold show on KVNF Community Radio with his mom since he was 3 years old. Currently his interests include going on hikes, walking his dog up Jumbo, going to the riverpark and catching snakes and frogs and riding his bike. He also is an avid fisherman and participates in the children's theatre group. He thinks the coolest thing about living in Paonia is being near the river and having an ice cream parlor he can walk to. 


Liza Eller - Recreation

Liza Eller lives in Paonia, and is ten years old.  She loves dancing because of how it makes her feel.  She also likes acting, swimming, hiking, camping, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa. She is going to report about recreation with Mason. She and Mason have gone to the river park and interviewed people there. They brought two underwater cameras and set their cameras down in the water and went away and when they came back, they looked at what was recorded. They saw a bunch of frogs and some green fish.  Liza is looking forward to reporting on recreation because of how much she likes being outdoors and having lots of fun.

Sadie Miller - Arts

Sadie Miller is 11 years old and goes to the North Fork Montessori School.  She has been involved with music from day one.  Her dad, Rob runs Pickin' Productions which produces concerts in the park.  Sadie enjoys plays soccer, biking, dancing, theater and has been playing piano since she was 5.  You may have heard Sadie on KVNF before since she's helped her dad DJ shows since she was little.  

Mason Lightfoot – Recreation Reporter

Mason Lightfoot lives on Apple Valley hill in Paonia.  He has two cats named Piper and Bean and a dog named Mandy.  He also has a sister, Poppy.  He loves fishing, mountain biking, hunting and being in the wild.  If he could live in the wild, he would.   That’s why he is one of Pass the Mic’s recreation reporters.

Freeman – Agriculture

Freeman is 12 years old and he goes to Paonia Elementary.  He has lived on a farm for much of his life.  He enjoys bike riding, swimming and playing baseball.  He is skilled at farming, playing guitar, playing and writing.