Western Slope Skies - Can NASA Hit an Asteroid with DART?

Most of us are probably familiar with the massive asteroid that impacted Earth near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula some 65 million years ago. This asteroid , with a supposed diameter of around six miles, is the one often held responsible for the demise of the dinosaurs. Yet this asteroid is just one of many that have whizzed through our atmosphere and slammed into Earth’s surface over the course of our planet’s history.

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Gavin Dahl

  • Governor: 'We are ready to booster all Coloradans'
  • Number of Coloradans hospitalized with COVID keeps climbing
  • Montrose Memorial Hospital so full some patients transferred out of state, ER using hallway beds
  • Delta Schools COVID policy change does not effect parents' rights to paid sick leave
  • Kate Redmond reports on Delta County Commissioners meeting
  • Montrose Library's Sara Rinne talks about NEA Big Read, classic Jack London novel Call of the Wild & s

Laura Palmisano

  • Lauren Boebert amends FEC filings again, to address missing $70K
  • Colorado cities & counties begin signing on to opioid settlement
  • Ski resorts reviving J-1 visa program for seasonal workers 
  • Delta City Council public comments show continued opposition to dignity & equality for LGBTQ folks
  • Ten digit dialing begins Sunday, so don't forget to dial 970 for local calls
  • Delta County Library District board president Jess Deegan explains why voter support of 7A is critical

  • Lauren Boebert has introduced 21 bills in Congress, none have succeeded
  • Humpback chub delisted from endangered species list, still 'threatened'
  • Failing septic systems at Cherry Acres mobile homes trigger state review
  • Chow Down in Montrose wins Friends of Animals award
  • Colorado labor organizers voice concerns about Postal Service slowing down delivery
  • Author Jonathan Thompson discusses new book Sagebrush Empire with KZMU's Justin Higginbottom

Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears and gardening gurus Lance Swigart and Lulu Volckhausen discuss fall gardening topics and take your calls.

This week on Local Motion, we hear from candidates running for the Delta County School Board. There are two candidates in District 1, Shannon Crespin and Kristina Hines. There are four candidates in District 5, Brian Kopko, Luke McCrain, Jennifer McGavin, and Nicole Milner. This audio is composed of highlights from the candidate forum hosted by Delta High School teacher Scott Siettmann on October 6th at Delta Middle School. 

KHOL / Courtesy of Meg Daly

  • Colorado tops EPA list of states where 'forever chemicals' pose health risks
  • Ranchers fighting back against consolidated power in beef processing
  • KHOL's Will Walkey reports on Community Housing Fund in Jackson Hole, in latest story for RMCR's affordable housing collaboration with Solutions Journalism Network


On a warm August morning, a group of volunteers gathers in the high desert about 20 miles outside of Gunnison, Colorado. Here, surrounded by sagebrush and armed with branches and stones, they are ready to help restore a critical wildlife habitat.

Volunteers are here to work on a wet meadow restoration project. A wet meadow is a riparian area in the arid sagebrush landscape.

Grassroots TV / KDNK

  • Colorado COVID hospitalizations at highest point of 2021
  • Outbreaks in Colorado schools have risen for 8 weeks in a row with 3000 children testing positive so far
  • New study shows lotteries did not encourage vaccination
  • BLM's largest wild horse gather in history underway in Wyoming
  • Water experts testify on drought in Congress
  • Colorado legislators may raise property taxes on short-term rentals, let cyclists cruise through stop signs
  • VP of Garfield County Re-2 school board resigns in face of threats, intimidation


Part 1 of 5 of Compassion.

New Dimensions

  • Three D51 schools now under mask mandate due to infections in students and staff
  • Redistricting Commision sends the final map to the Colorado Supreme Court
  • Colorado's Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths trending upward
  • International chocolate companies face accusations of using child and slave labor
  • New Dimensions co-founder Justine Willis Toms keynotes Ridgway Spiritfest


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Sheriff's deputies arrested Terry Turner on a warrant accusing him of murdering Adil Dghoughi outside of Turner's house in Martindale, Texas. Turner reportedly shot Dghoughi, a native of Morocco who was not armed, through the window of Dghoughi's car.

Nick Offerman is best known as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, and is perhaps the most famous actor who also owns a woodshop. He's also a comedian, musician and author.

And in his new book, he's making it known that "outdoorsman" is also on his list of hobbies.

Though he lives in Los Angeles, "I feel a hell of a lot better after I walk in the woods," he tells NPR's Scott Simon on Weekend Edition.

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