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 The Gran Telescopio at Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma, Canary Islands
The telescope’s most important discovery to date has been finding the farthest black hole located at the center of a rare type of galaxy.
KVNF will be at many events this summer, and we need volunteers. Check out our locations and let us know if you can help.
After a long winter with record-breaking snowfall, residents are urged to be cautious of and prepared for flooding in our listening area.
Sugar's Pick May 29, 2023
The board will meet Monday May 15th at 5:30pm at Axis Mental Health, 605 Miami Rd. in Montrose.
NPR Live Sessions presents the Song of the Day from NPR music stations across the country.
of KVNF's locally-produced music programs. Miss your favorite show? Want to hear one again? Find it on-demand here!
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