Host Jill Spears visits with her guest, Health Coach  Charlie Spears of Natural Grocers, and they take calls from listeners.

Host Jill Spears is joined by Charlie Spears, a Nutritional Health Coach from Natural Grocers, for a discussion of organic vs conventional agriculture, pesticides, gut microbiomes & more.

When you donate to a food drive, do you ponder the nutritional labels of the can in your hand? Or do you grab a packet of ramen or a bag of marshmallows from the dark corners of your pantry and hope it hasn't expired?

Healthfulness isn't typically a well-intended food donor's top concern, says hunger advocate Ruthi Solari. The ramen and marshmallows, along with a container of Crisco and a few other items, were basically the entire contents of a food box delivered to one of her volunteer's grandmothers who received food aid, Solari says.