Montrose Police To Ticket 'Coal Rollers'

Feb 24, 2016

A truck 'rolling coal' at the stoplight on U.S. 85 and Bromley Lane in Brighton, Colo.
Credit Jim Hill / KUNC

Police in Montrose will be cracking down on ‘coal rollers’.       

When a vehicle with a modified exhaust quickly accelerates in order to spew out a black cloud of smoke, it's called ‘rolling coal’. Montrose Police Chief Tom Chinn says over the past several months the department has received numerous complaints from residents about diesel trucks doing this.

"That modification is a violation of state law," he says.

Chinn says that smoke is also bad for people’s health.     

That modification is a violation of state law.

Recently, Montrose police and sheriff deputies along with some state patrol officers attended a training that certified them to "visually inspect and ticket diesel smoke violators."

Those cited have to appear in court and could face a small fine.   

On Tuesday, the police department wrote on its Facebook that it would issue these citations. The post generated controversy.

Chinn says he hopes increased awareness and stepped up enforcement will dissuade drivers from 'rolling coal'.