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City of Montrose

  • A delay in completion of its 2022 audit is costing the town of Paoina financially, including the loss of a $956,000 grant to be used toward water projects. The late audit is also holding up other state public funds to which the town is entitled, reports the Delta County Independent.
  • On today’s Farm Friday we hear a regional report on alfalfa. The crop requires a lot more water than most crops. Now, researchers are working on new technologies to reduce the amount farmers use. Still, some say allowing them to grow such a thirsty crop in the arid West is the problem. The Mountain West News Bureau’s Kaleb Roedel reports.
  • The City of Montrose begins its week-long celebration of Earth Week beginning today. The city will host a variety of events and community activities. The theme for the 2023 celebration is "Naturally Montrose." On today’s Farm Friday livestock producers in our region have been hit hard by this winter’s weather. That’s why several states have asked the federal government for relief. KVNF's Lisa Young takes a look at one bill sponsored by State Rep. Matt Soper moving could have a big impact on our Western Colorado economy, that is if the measure can get through before the end of the legislative session.
  • Grand Junction placed 45th on The New York Times’ annual “52 Places to Go” list, reported the Daily Sentinel earlier this month. The City of Montrose is selling a small parcel of land located on the Black Canyon Golf Course back to the individual who originally donated the property, according to the Montrose Daily Press. Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Silt introduced the Defund Planned Parenthood Act, reports Colorado Newsline.
  • A Montrose man is accused of fatally shooting an older man at a Sherwood Drive home early on Monday, reported the Montrose Daily Press. Elijah James Johnson, 25, is being held on suspicion of second-degree murder in the death of a 59-year-old man. Montrose County School District elementary schools now have a set of student bikes, along with teacher bikes and helmets, according to the district. Delta police encouraged community members to begin a neighborhood watch in a town hall earlier this month, reports the Delta County Independent.
  • State Representative Matt Soper, a Western Slope legislator, is asking the U.S District Court to impose the maximum penalty in the “body brokering” case against Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors in Montrose. Hundreds of Colorado families were impacted by the federal crime that forced Colorado legislators to change state law.
  • Delta County Assessor Debbie Griffith. The Colorado Assessors’ Association honored Griffith as the 2022 Colorado Assessor of the Year at its annual conference held earlier this month. Delta-Montrose Electric Association has appointed Jack Johnston as the cooperative’s new CEO. The Montrose Municipal Court located on South Cascade Avenue will be temporarily relocating to the Montrose Public Safety Complex at 434 South First Street for up to three months due to renovations. State and federal officials are warning horse owners not to feed their animals Top of the Rockies brand alfalfa cubes after nearly 100 horses developed neurologic illnesses. The Colorado River is in crisis. Forty million people depend on its water, and the supply is shrinking due to climate change. Policymakers met in Las Vegas last week to discuss its future, but didn’t emerge with any new commitments to significantly cut back demand. That leaves hydropower facilities in jeopardy at the nation’s largest reservoirs, and a murky picture of the river’s future.
  • 22-year-old Anderson Aldrich, accused of killing five people and wounding 17 others in a shooting last month at Club Q in Colorado Springs, was formally charged with 305 criminal counts, reports the Colorado Sun. Montrose City Council voted unanimously to place two historic structures on the city’s Register of Historic Places. Proposition 122 was one of the ballot measures approved by voters this year. It decriminalizes the psychedelic substance psilocybin for personal use and mental health treatment. But as KUNC’s Lucas Brady Woods reports, Coloradans won’t see clinics offering psychedelics quite yet.
  • The LGBTQ community nationwide and in Colorado mourns another senseless shooting at a Colorado Springs night club over the weekend. A 22 year old gunman killed at least 5 patrons and wounded 25 others around midnight on Saturday. Paonia Trustees are considering three finalists for town administrator, reports the Delta County Independent. The three applicants are Guy Patterson, Evan Bolt and Melissa Fields-Allgeyer. Delta Health received its first sales tax payment in the amount of $318,000, The money was tallied nearly four months after voters approved the hospital’s 0.8% sales tax initiative. The City of Montrose saw increases in tax collections across the board during the third quarter of 2022.
  • Montrose will host its first Culture Fest celebrating its diverse community. The event will be held this Saturday at The Ute Indian Museum. Mountain Harvest Festival kicks off today in Paonia beginning at six o’clock with Harvest of Voices at the Blue Sage Center. The fall time event wraps up on Sunday at four o’clock in the town park. Traveling to fall festivals in an electric car just got easier, as the Biden Administration recently approved 35 state electric vehicle plans–five of which are in our region.