KVNF Live! - Todo Mundo with Handmade Moments, 8/6/15

Sep 3, 2015

Credit Jeff Reynolds

2015 Pickin' In the Park Concert Series, Paonia, Week 1 - Todo Mundo with Handmade Moments

Todo Mundo ("All the World") is a San Diego-based six-piece music band fronted by Santiago Orozco, which plays world music blending pop, reggae, rock, gypsy, Caribbean and Latin music. The band was originally created by Orozco in Argentina in 2009 and recreated in 2010 in San Diego.

Handmade Moments is a folk-jazz duo from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their music is deeply soulful and reminiscent of 20s dance hall hits and viper era jazz... plus some beatboxing.