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KVNF Farm Friday: Healthy School Meals for All

Lisa Young

On today’s KVNF Farm Friday feature, we hear from Libby Christensen, Statewide Food and Ag Specialist Colorado State University Office of Engagement and Extension, on the recent shortfall in funding for the Health School Meals for All program that’s affecting students, school food service workers and Colorado Ag Producers.

In November of 2022, Colorado voters approved Proposition FF to increase the state budget by over $100 million dollars. The budget increase would come by increasing taxes on those making more than $300,000 annually and completely fund the Health School Meals for All program.

KVNF previously reported that the program was slated to have a huge financial impact on ag producers for years to come. Producers statewide were encouraged to move forward with contacting schools or food hubs to provide produce or value added products for schools. Now, many farmers are facing financial losses and trust in the program.