Montrose County Republican Party Chairman Confident Boebert Can Win

Jul 23, 2020

On Thursday morning, I sat down with Ray Langston, the chairman of the Montrose County Republican Party, on the front porch outside their headquarters. He says fundraising and organizing have been challenging during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly having to cancel the annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, but they still plan to knock on doors for Donald Trump and work to get other candidates elected down the ballot. And he's confident that Lauren Boebert, who upset incumbent Scott Tipton in the Republican Primary, will be successful in the Third Congressional District race against Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush, a former state legislator from Steamboat Springs. 

The interview airing on the KVNF Regional Newscast was edited for time, an abbreviated version of a longer conversation. The entire interview includes Ray's opinions on why Scott Tipton lost, the Q Anon conspiracy, climate change, raising money, whether it's fair to call people you disagree with socialist, and more. Here is the full interview.

Credit Gavin Dahl