The Mystic's Almanac - Votes for Humans

Nov 4, 2012

Although I have no illusions about a candidate revolutionizing my world, I still will be exercising the privilege of voting.

By Dr. Judith Boice

Standing in line at the polls this autumn, I will feel like an owl among donkeys and elephants. Looking at the ballot, I realize I am choosing between Granny Smith and Jonagold; in the end, they both are apples. Our country was founded on truly revolutionary concepts, beginning with the monarchy-destroying notion that all humans are created equal. How often, though, am I exercising this profound wisdom in making my voting choices? Talking with my mother, she is more concerned about how a candidate's stance on the military will effect her grandson, recently hired by a government contractor, than how a down-sized military could possibility stabilize the world. Am I voting to serve my own self-interest or to create a better world for everyone? Imperfect as the system may be, I still will exercise my privilege of voting, knowing that true change will not come from any governmental structure.