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As the Worm Turns - April 24, 2024

Host Jill Spears and gardeners Lance Swigart, and Lulu Volckhausen are joined by Brad Tonnessen from Organic Research Center at Rogers Mesa. Brad has a PhD in Plant Pathology and has experience in organic farming, vegetable breeding, molecular biology, and cooperative extension. His interests include community building through engagement in local food systems, alternative methods for integrated pest management, agriphotovoltaics, and cover cropping options for organic farms and orchards in Western Colorado.

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Japanese beetle Citizen Science Program:

This week they talk about what the research hey are doing out on Rogers Mesa, other gardening topics and take calls from listeners. As the Worm Turns will now be an hour long, Wednesdays 6-7PM.

Email questions anytime to worm@kvnf.org, or call during the program at 1-866-KVNF-NOW.