KVNF Live! - Zongo Junction, w/The Royal We, 7/24/14

Aug 21, 2014

Week 4 of the Ridgway Summer Concert Series

Credit Jeff Reynolds

Exploding from the center of Brooklyn's vibrant Afrobeat scene, Zongo Junction electrifies dance floors wherever they perform. Packed with four horns and a five-piece rhythm section, the band gets audiences moving no matter where they play. If Talking Heads produced a Fela Kuti record of Sun Ra’s music, the product would probably sound something like this psychedelic Afrobeat outfit.

Opening Act: Ridgway's own The Royal We describe their style as "Music to get your Chi up!"
Jill Mihelich, Vocals
Kenny Mihelich, Bass and Vocals
Chris Goplerud, Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Mark Pettit, Lead Guitar and Vocals
Lee Duvall, Guitar and Vocals

Recorded at Ridgway Town Park, July 24th, 2014.