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24-Hour Radio Race Contest: Lore of the Lamb

KVNF recently competed in the First Annual KCRW 24-Hour Radio Race, where radio producers from across the country and the world were given 24 hours to imagine, capture and produce a non-fiction story on the theme "The Last Thing You'd Expect." 

After getting the theme at 11 am on Saturday morning, Ali Lightfoot, Travis Bubenik and Joanna Calabrese set out to interview a variety of North Fork Valley residents about that ever-present, awe-inspiring everyday sight on the side of Mt. Lamborn - The Lamb.

Or the goat? The llama? The buffalo? The secret lab for aliens studying the behavior of hippies? 

The last thing we expected was how many different perceptions, memories and emotions could be tied to such a common, everyday sight. 

The winner of the race will be announced on Monday, August 26th. KCRW judges will be making the final call on the main winners, but there's also a "Most Liked" award that YOU can help us win! Simply follow this link to our Soundcloud page and click the heart to "like" the story.