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KVNF Staff & DJ Agreement

The following is an agreement between KVNF staff members and KVNF’s DJs and volunteers. It is intended to promote clear and direct communication between staff and volunteers. KVNF staff and volunteers shall be treated with the highest respect and are expected to conduct themselves with integrity and in a professional manner while fulfilling their duties.


Expectations of KVNF’s Staff


1. Staff Responsibilities:

  • Provide an environment within KVNF that promotes creativity, communication, camaraderie, respect and kindness.

  • Listen to volunteer concerns and questions regarding staff and volunteer expectations and responsibilities, and respond appropriately.

  • The Program Director will assist in finding a replacement in the event that a DJ or program host (hereinafter referred to as DJ) has exhausted all reasonable measures to cover a scheduled program.

  • The Program Director will take responsibility for covering a program if, for whatever reason, there is no DJ available.

  • Staff will provide opportunities for an in-kind contribution of time and/or resources if the annual KVNF membership donation presents a financial burden to a DJ.

  • All pertinent information needed by a DJ in the on-air studio will be provided, including but not limited to current instructions for operating equipment, emergency contact information, relevant programming and on-air techniques, and pertinent FCC regulations and station policies.

2. DJ Training:

  • Qualified staff will provide comprehensive training to DJs prior to their first on-air program.

  • On-air DJs will be supported with feedback and coaching from staff and other DJs.

  • The production studio will be available to DJs for additional training.

On-air DJ Expectations


1. DJs shall adhere to station procedures, which include but are not limited to:

  • Signing and dating the paper Program Log;

  • Following the computer Program Log, which includes airing underwriting messages, public service announcements and other pre-recorded information specified in the Program Log;

  • Announcing or airing a pre-recorded KVNF legal ID within 5 minutes of the top of each hour;

  • Monitoring the operation of studio equipment;

  • Completing a Spinitron on-air playlist.

2. Scheduling:

  • Arrive at the station at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of a DJs show. Notify the on-air DJ or a staff person if a DJ will be arriving later than 15 minutes prior to you show.

  • If a DJ is unable to host show, it is the DJ’s responsibility to notify the Program Director and to provide a replacement.

  • If a scheduled DJ has not arrived by the end of a show and no staff person is at the station, the DJ will contact the person scheduled. If that fails, the DJ will consult the emergency contact List in the on-air studio. A DJ will not leave the station until contact is made with either the next scheduled DJ or someone on the emergency contact list.

  • If an emergency arises that requires a DJ to leave the building, the DJ will contact someone on the emergency contact list or another DJ prior to leaving the building.

3. Programming:

  • As a federally funded community radio station that must adhere to FCC and all other federal regulations, commercial announcements, personal endorsements and/or messages are not permitted to be aired. If a DJ or Program Host wants to air an editorial comment, s/he must contact the Program Director.

  • If a DJ plans to have guests, musicians or co-hosts on-air during a show, the DJ must make prior arrangements with the Program Director.

4. KVNF Facility Rules and Regulations:

  • CDs and albums are to remain at KVNF at all times. DJs will accurately file CDs and albums at the end of each program.

  • DJs will make prior arrangements in advance with a staff person before using KVNF equipment and/or the production studio.

  • Volunteers will safely use and maintain KVNF equipment.

  • Smoking and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited in the KVNF facility. Being under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs while on-air is also prohibited.

  • Food is prohibited in the on-air and production studios.

  • Pets, with the exception of guide dogs, are prohibited in the on-air and production studios.

  • If no staff person is present, the on-air DJ is responsible for what occurs within the building.

5. Disciplinary Actions:

  • Violations of KVNF policies, FCC regulations and other applicable federal and state regulations by an on-air DJs may have serious consequences for KVNF. Such violations may result in a written reprimand and/or a suspension of on-air privileges. In the event of a suspension, the matter will be handled with professionalism, confidentiality, and discretion. A full, written explanation will be provided and a hearing may be requested by the DJ.

  • If an issue arises regarding unkind or disrespectful remarks on or off-air, or a serious breach of discretion, ethics or FCC regulations by a DJ, program host, volunteer or staff person, contact and/or file a grievance with the Program Director. If the alleged grievance involves the Program Director, contact the Executive Director. If the alleged grievance involves the Executive Director, contact the president of the KVNF Board of Directors.

  • In the event that the Program Director and or the Executive Director determines that a DJs on-air behavior warrants a suspension, the matter will be handled with professionalism, confidentiality, and discretion. A full, written explanation as well as an appeal process will be provided. Suspension will be considered only under serious or repeated circumstances.

  • Immediate suspension or expulsion may result in the following instances: When a DJ willfully endangers KVNF’s licenses, damages equipment and/or KVNF premises, steals, physically threatens and/or abuses a KVNF member, staff person, or other volunteer.