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Meet Bob Randall, Colorado's New Man In Charge Of Natural Resources

The new executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Bob Randall.
The new executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Bob Randall.

Colorado has a new head of the state's Department of Natural Resources. Appointed by Gov. John Hickenlooper, Bob Randall now gets the official nod as head of the organization that oversees everything from state parks and wildlife, to oil and gas drilling, mining and water conservation.

Bente Birkeland speaks with Colorado's new natural resources exec Bob Randall

Randall, formerly the agency's deputy director, had been acting as the interim executive director already, replacing Mike King who had left to join Denver Water. Pete Maysmith of Conservation Colorado, offered praise for the move, telling The Denver Post that Randall has shown "a deep commitment to protecting our state's land, air, water, and wildlife, as well as leadership in solving the challenges that they face."

Interview Highlights With Bob Randall

On Balancing Different Interests Following State Supreme Court Rulings Against Local Hydraulic Fracturing Bans

"Honestly, I think this is one of the hardest issues that we deal with. The important thing to note is that these lawsuits concern bans and moratoria on oil and gas drilling in local jurisdictions. Those really are a minority position taken by local government in the state. I think it's far more common if you look up and down the Front Range to see communities working with oil and gas operators."

On Colorado's Water Plan And Projected Significant Water Shortages

"It's going to be difficult to educate the public and convince them this is a critical need. One of the biggest challenges we face is that most Coloradans are unaware of this long-term gap between what we have today and what we'll need in the future. So long as water comes out of their tap when they turn it on, they're pretty happy with the way things are."

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