Mar 10, 2014

  It’s the Spring Pledge Drive—time for YOU to “join the club!”  

Maybe you’re a member of the Blues Air Force or perhaps Club Med ("The Medicine Show”) is more your style.  Are you a Chicken Head who listens to “Free Range Radio” or would you like to be one of “Too Many Cooks” (“Cookin’ With Jazz?”)  Whatever programs you appreciate, now’s the time to join with your peeps and become a member or renew your pledge.  There's lots of fun and games happening on the air--the Mr. KVNF Pageant, the “DJ for a Day” premium,  the "Dare Your DJ" Game and others.  So tune in March 16th-22nd to get in on the action or you can pledge now by clicking the Donate button.  

Whichever way you do it, don’t just sit there—“Join the Club!”