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Celebrating North Fork Musicians

Enjoy this incredible compilation show featuring local musicians from the North Fork Valley, some live in the studio!

On December 24, I featured music from local CDs and live performances by some local musicians who popped in for a visit. Listen to these audio clips from my year end musical celebration highlighting the amazing local musicians of the North Fork Valley.

Track 2- Sticky Mulligan(LIVE performance), Paul Sammons(LIVE performance), Sticky Mulligan, Feast, Strolling Scones w/ Feast

Track 3- Honey Don't, Sweet Sunny South, Michael Meadows, DjEben, Devon Meyers, David Starr Band

LMC t4 122412_2.mp3
Track 4- John Hutchinson(LIVE), Howard Berkman, Southlights, Gus Brett

Local Music Celebration 122412 T5_2.mp3
Track 5- Mike Gwinn & the North Fork Flyers, OnBoard Balloon, Beth Quist, Russ Chapman, Sweet Sunny South, Strolling Scones

Local Music Celebration 122412 T6_2.mp3
Track 6- Howard Berkman, Jason Cook(LIVE), Devon Alves(LIVE), JoeAlan, Ellen Stapenhorst, Joe Cocker, Howard Berkman