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Board Elections

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The KVNF Annual Meeting is right around the corner, on Thursday, October 4th at 6pm at Paonia Town Hall. This year there are 3 open seats on the Board. If you are a KVNF member, we hope that you will cast a vote. Your membership and participation is vital, enabling KVNF to remain at the forefront of community radio stations nationwide. There are four nominees to fill three open seats on the KVNF board of directors: Linda Bacigalupi (incumbent), Smyth Boone, Jay Canode (incumbent) and Jill Spears.

In order to vote, please read the candidate statements here. Then download and print the ballot(s) attached below. If your membership includes a spouse or partner, each must cast a separate ballot. To vote for a candidate, place an X on the line next to the candidate’s name. Vote for up to three candidates.

In order for your vote to be counted:

1. Your completed ballot must be mailed to KVNF, PO Box 1350, Paonia, CO 81428.

2. Your ballot must be received by Thursday, October 4th.

3. You must print your name(s) and address in the upper left corner of the envelope or use return address label. (This allows the election judges to verify membership without opening the envelope.)

4. Please write “KVNF Ballot” on the bottom left corner of the return envelope.

To protect your identity, election judges will open and recycle all envelopes before beginning the process of vote counting .

Thank you again for participation in the election of board members and for your support of KVNF.


John Moore
Board President

Sally Kane
General Manager