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Climber Rescued From Mt. Sneffels

Ouray Mountain Rescue

A mountain climber was rescued from Mount Sneffels last weekend. 

Late Friday night, the climber tumbled an estimated 250 feet near the peak, into a spot that was tricky for rescuers to get to.

The Ouray Mountain Rescue Team got the call from his partner but by the time they made it up there, it was dark, and dangerous.

They were going to have to descend the next day.

It wasn’t an attractive plan.  They’d have to haul the climber back to the peak, then descend the fourteen’er.  Cory says that even with 15 people, it would have been a brutal, all day long task.  Thankfully, they were able to get help from the National Guard stationed in Gypsum. 

The National Guard flew a UH-60 Black Hawk to the site, lowered a cable, and winched the injured climber up the helicopter. 

The helicopter got the climber to critical care in 20 minutes.