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Gov. Hickenlooper Inks Cottage Foods Expansion Bill

Pumpernickel bread
Laura Palmisano

A bill signed into law Friday broadens the state's three-year-old cottage foods act. 

House Bill 1102 expands the number of homemade items people can make and sell under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act

It adds pickled vegetables, tortillas, fruit empanadas and flour to the list.

Earlier this year, Monica Wiitanen of Delta County spoke in favor of the measure to state lawmakers in Denver.  

"I think expanding the law to allow more people to have the benefits that I have seen from this cottage food law is a really good thing," said Wiitanen.

She said the cottage foods act helped her start her own home bakery.

"So it allows people, as it has allowed me, to start with almost nothing, just a safe food handling class, and make a little money," said Wittanen.

Last month, Governor John Hickenlooper also signed Senate Bill 85 into law.

It doubles the amount of money people can earn per product under the act from $5,000 to $10,000.

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