Lisa Jae

Lisa Jae’s earliest memory of radio was at age 4 when, awake late one night, she wandered into her mom’s room because she saw the green light of her radio and heard her first sound of Billie Holiday’s sad and soulful voice filling the dark night. From there it was listening to Harry Belafonte 78’s when she was 5 years old. She thought for sure that Come Back Liza was written for her even though her name wasn’t Liza. In middle school she discovered Motown and Soul and began collecting 45’s made up of the Supremes, Smokey Robinson and the Jackson 5. In high school she memorized the words to every musical in her parents collection, learning all of the parts as a way to transport herself to a bigger life. In real time she was fortunate to sit at the feet of the amazing folk scene in Chicago and to witness some of the greats that came along during the early 70’s. Honestly, there aren’t many musical genres that she can’t relate to.

Her musical taste is eclectic and she loves bringing that to her shows. This affords many hours spent perusing the music library for all the hidden gems in all genres. Whether Soul or Americana, Jazz or Country, she enjoys bringing new sounds to your ears; which is just another way to keep alive all the old sounds that mark the timeline of her life.

AKA: Lady Jae, her regular shows include Friday Morning Music Mix (2nd & 5th) and Cookin’ with Jazz (3rd )