Ruth Pettigrew

Prior to moving to the North Fork Area, Ruth taught Art History to freshmen atColorado State University for over 20 years. Her aesthetic sensibilities combine the visual and musical, so it has seemed natural to try her hand at being a DJ when the invitation was graciously extended by KVNF. She enjoys being a DJ for the Medicine Show once a month and has sat in on some Classical shows hosted by Georgia Finnigan.

“I select music that fulfils the show’s criterion, being contemplative and spiritual, of course, and I am always searching for music that evokes journeys of the spirit as well as imagery. So far, I have received a very positive response to the music I’ve selected, and KVNF has such a vast collection of World, Electronic, Celtic, Classical and Folk music, to mention only a few of the genres represented in their collection, I feel that I’ve barely touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg musically, in terms of what I can bring to listeners of the Medicine Show. I am enjoying my experience as a DJ very much, and I appreciate listeners who call in to make suggestions and offer their opinions of what they are hearing. I hope my contribution continues to enhance their listening experience on KVNF.