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The Mystic's Almanac - The Mother's Club

Image: "Soul Sailing" by Missy Rogers
Missy Rogers

When my boys were born, a friend initiated me into "The Mothers Club."
Soon after my twin boys arrived, a friend initiated me into "The Mothers Club." Although my boys are nearly teenagers, I've never really felt a part of this secret society of mothers. At a recent visit to the eye doctor, this usually polished, well-heeled physician appeared disheveled. He announced that his wife had given birth a week before. "I've always been self-centered," he confessed. "I'm 46 years old and didn't marry until I was 43. Now all I can think about is my wife and daughter." This is the work of parenting, I realized, shifting from an inward to an outward gaze. The heart stretches and reforms, beating for three, four, as many beings as it can encompass. By attraction our children are conceived. By love they are carried, and that same current of love carries and shapes me as a parent, too.

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