Delta County Libraries Sees Changes To Management

Nov 11, 2015

The Delta County Library District is experiencing a shake-up in leadership.

Last Wednesday, the library board placed district director Annette Choszczyk on paid administrative leave. On that same day, John Gavan, the district’s IT manager, resigned in protest.

In an email, Gavan says Choszczyk was a “highly capable and effective library director.”  

Credit Laura Palmisano / KVNF

He also writes, “unfortunately a couple of new board members didn't fully appreciate this and they were able to influence the other board members go along in firing Annette." 

Gavan says he found the move "unacceptable" and resigned immediately after the board’s decision. 

"Few appreciate at this point what a loss Annette will be to the library district," says Gavan. "Under her tenure, the Delta County Library District built a new library in Paonia and upgraded others, rolled out numerous new innovative programs (several of which received national attention), upgraded its technology and network services to be on par with any other library district in the state, if not the country." 

Board President Laura Earley told KVNF the incident is a personnel matter and declined to discuss it further.  Lea Hart is now serving as the district's interim director.