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Local Motion: Karen Gallob and Noah Kaplan

Dave Gallob

This week's episode of Local Motion features a sampling of literary voices from our community. 

First up - an interview with local author Karen Weinant Gallob, who has just published the fourth volume of her novel The Sumbally Fallacy, a tetralogy in four seasons. 

Karen is a rancher and writer who lives outside of Crawford with her veterinarian husband. Her involvement with his practice, life on the ranch, her large family, and her Ph.D. in anthropological linguistics, all inform and contribute to the novel. The book starts with the premise that the Neanderthal did not die out 30,000 years ago, but instead remain alive among us, keeping their identities secret. KVNF's Rita Clagett recently spoke to the author at her home in Crawford about the novel and the writing process.


Credit Liz Lillen
Noah Kaplan

Noah Kaplan is a spoken word artist from Denver, Colorado with ties to Western Colorado and the North Fork Valley. He's part of a large but largely underground community of poets and writers keeping this widely neglected art form alive through performance. 

Kaplan, and other spoken word poets, use this natural evolution of the beat-era poetry readings, to pay tribute to the human experience through high-energy and emotional recitals. He says what he finds most fulfilling about poetry is that it "pays tribute to everyday moments," making even the most mundane aspects of daily life seem profound and meaningful.

Kaplan recently read some of his work for a small, candle-lit audience in Crawford. He describes this poem as a meditation on 30 seconds that he spent interacting with a grocery store cashier. 


Kaplan jokingly called this next poem his "attempt" at social commentary, saying the poem's words are simply "one person's perspective on one lifetime."