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Oil & Gas Assoc. Drops Longmont Suit, City's Fracking Ban Still In Place

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association has dropped its lawsuit against the city of Longmont.

The association released a statement Tuesday saying it’s reached a deal with Longmont and the state of Colorado to drop the suit.

Longmont’s city council passed strict oil and gas regulations in 2012. The state and the association soon filed suit challenging the new rules.

According to Longmont, the regulations restricted oil and gas operations in residential areas, required companies to disclosure fracking chemicals to the city’s emergency responders, set groundwater monitoring rules, and required companies to mitigate the visual impact of oil and gas development.

The city says the dismissal came at the request of Governor John Hickenlooper as part of a larger political compromise. That deal involved measures that were for and against oil and gas be dropped from the November ballot.

The compromised also called for the creation of a task force charged with making recommendations for new oil and gas rules. 

Longmont is still involved in a separate lawsuit concerning the city’s voter approved fracking ban that was passed two years ago.

The city scored a minor victory Tuesday when the Boulder County Court agreed to put its ruling against Longmont on hold until a higher court hears it.

This means for now Longmont’s fracking ban is still in place. 

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