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Van Morrison // Born to Sing: No Plan B


 Released 10.9.12 Blue Note

If I were a fire hydrant I would need to be turned off. I am gushing like one over this album. This is some of the best stuff Van has done in a while. Back on the Blue Note label he does Jazz, Blues, his own soul and sometimes all of them all together. I dare you to find a cut you don’t like! If forced to pick, I would pick cuts 3, 4, 5, 8 & 9. This album is a stunner and a must hear. Old Van fans will be in love and if new ones do not crawl out of the musical woodwork, it will be a surprise. Van takes us back in time, and up to his present. There is small and big band jazz to die for, along with – OOPS gushing again. His backing band defines “tight” with great horn parts, bass parts……. Ellington would be proud of him and you will be too.

- Dr. Mikey (and his Vinyl Psyche)

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