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Former Music Director Candy Pennetta has retired after 35 years of service. Andrea "Dre" Castillo has stepped in as Music Director & Volunteer DJ Coordinator. Here she will continue Candy's tradition by posting new music additions to KVNF weekly, and gives us a top pick for the week.

Aimee Mann // Charmer

Released  09/18/12  Superego Records

I have been a huge fan of Aimee since her album “I’m With Stupid,” As a lyricist and musician, she is a national treasure. Her live shows are always wonderful. I remember going to see her once in Virginia and she held the show up because her parents were coming, and she wanted to wait for them before starting. She is a good person; take it from the Doctor.

As for “Charmer,” I have listened to it a number of times on my orange colored vinyl version (which comes with an MP3 download card). This album is really good, and only gets better with repeated listening. From the opening cut, “Charmer,” which is a rather interesting view on charming people and what many are really up to, one is pulled into an album filled with great tunes, guitar work, and vocals/lyrics. I would be hard pressed to say any cut is bad. The sound is fantastic with depth, air around the instruments, and clarity. This is music one must listen to closely to get it all. It is not just background music or music to wash the dishes by.

The first cut “Crazytown,” “where craziness gets handed down” is most enjoyable. Is crazy a bad thing? “Gamma Ray and Barfly” are among some of the best work Aimee’s done. “Soon Enough” is a wonderful trip from saying something is true to “soon enough we can say we made it up.” The guitar break in it is plain searing, and it is a wonderful duet.

The ones I mentioned above are superb, but so are the rest. There is wonderful music and thought provoking lyrics. I can’t see anyone not being glad to hear and/or own this record. You might like one or more songs best, but I dare you to find one you you don’t enjoy.

Dr. Mikey (and His Vinyl Psyche)