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Led Zeppelin// "Celebration Day"

Released 11/19/12 by Atlantic Records

Do you like Led Zeppelin? If so, you will love this live recording. Just remember, this is LZ, so turn it up!  "Celebration Day" is a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, one of the movers and shakers of the music world for over half a century, and this recording is likely the last time LZ will play. Who knows?

This is the recording of Led Zeppelin’s reunion concert in London on Dec. 10th, 2007. John Bonham’s son Jason, is on drums, along with Jimmie Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Holy Schmoly!  This concert is superb and has all your fave Zep stuff from over the years, as well as "No Quarter" and "Kashmir." Disc 1 opens with “Good Times, Bad Times,” smoldering toward “Ramble On,” and then you are off on a journey through the past. As is the case with most live concerts, by Disc 2 they are really building and cooking.

I recommend increasing volume because the sound really opens up with a little extra juice sound wise.  There is no need for me to recommend cuts; just pick your own favorites. First time through, try listening to the whole show or watching it to get a feel for the sequencing of the songs. I could go on, but highly recommended. I give the sound an 8 ½ out of 10. The old guys kick some serious…………..

Chief "cook" and vinyl LP cleaner. Also, along with Hugh "Hurricane" Carson, writing reviews of new music for the site. Hopefully, will be DJ-ing, playing vinyl only - some new, some old. Might sneak occasional CeeDee in. I teach online psychology courses for a University in Florida, and do some therapy. Taught at Universities in FL and at Mesa here. I like long walks on the beach, but only backwards, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Music, well actually all forms of Art down to the moss on the side of a tree. Enjoy immensely, worthwhile discussions and debates on many topics. Living a life of the mind.