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The Yawpers // Capon Crusade

The Yawpers hail from Boulder, Colorado. They are mostly a rock and roll band but since there is a mandolin on a couple of songs I guess they get filed in the Country section. 
They aren’t country. If anything, there is a roots vibe that fits. They play acoustic guitars and have no bassist and don’t need or want one. A harmonica player was added a year or so ago to the lineup to round out the 4 piece. The sound is big and raw-the band makes a big sound by the drummer using two floor toms and huge kick drum. The harmonica is usually purposely distorted and sounds like a raging electric guitar. The acoustic “lead” guitarist plays through some distortion effects and Nathan Cook on lead vox (vocals) plays most songs in open D tuning –and he can be a screamer—so the sound is big. It’s raucous and sublime. His voice has depth though, and sounds great on the ballads like “Darkening Doors” of which there are a few. My Favorite track I’d say is “Bartleby the Womanizer” but I love the whole record. In fact I’d say it’s my favorite record I’ve heard this year.
The CD “Capone Crusade” is their debut and was recorded live (basically) to try to capture the band’s live sound. Going that route isn’t always my preference. Live is live and has it’s limitations and music in the studio can have so many possibilities. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s bad. In this case I don’t care. I’ve never seen them live (though it’s on my short list now) but I love the way the CD sounds.
I like a band called “The Cave Singers” from the Pacific Northwest- Cook’s voice reminds me of that band’s singer but with more edge and urgency. I’m trying to come up with comparisons to the band that might help a reader know if they’d like the disc/band. I can’t come up with much really, the Meat Puppets? I think that’s one of the main reasons I like it so much. Simple straightforward songs that rock like hell with minimal instrumentation-they do a lot with a little. More evidence to back my claim that the “Front Range” music scene is really diverse and really damn good as a whole. ( Denver, Co Springs, Ft Collins, Boulder, Lyons) I’ve yet to sit with a note pad and determine which songs can be played without concern for FCC regulations. I’m working on it though. Find them in Country –know they are rock- pop em in and turn it up-especially when you just don’t give a F%&! (not on the radio—at home silly)
http://www.reverbnation.com/theyawpers for the most info and some funny
videos- especially the one to “Silicone Love”


Bill Powers is a singer and songwriter and a longtime DJ for KVNF. He plays guitar, mandolin and croons with bands like Honey Don't and Sweet Sunny South hailing from Paonia.
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