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KVNF Field Sessions: Handmade Moments

Handmade Moments in a horse-drawn wagon
Teya Cranson

Sultry, Sensual, and Sexy: these are words that describe the music of Handmade Moments, aka Anna Horton and Joel Ludford. The Moments, as they are sometimes called, have built a solid reputation for the intricate interplay between their acoustic instruments and their impressive vocals. They've composed a modern sound made of two distinct traditions: folk and jazz. Like a cook who discovers that you can put pancakes and bacon together to make a delicious breakfast, the Moments have re-purposed these two genres to make an all together new sensation.

For this KVNF Field Session, The Moments boarded a horse-drawn wagon out at the Old River Road Trading Post, near Paonia, CO. Our thanks to wagon driver Greg Cranson & his team.






For more information about Handmade Moments' music, visit these fine folks:

Trout Records


A native Texan, Jeff was bitten by the Colorado "bug" after graduating from UT-Austin. He arrived in Paonia on the October full moon of 1978, and has been involved with KVNF since its earliest days. His first KVNF show was "Sunday Night Live," which featured live musicians performing in the original Garvin Mesa garage/studio.
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