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Senator Udall Alerts Inspector General To VA Mismanagment

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The Grand Junction VA medical center has come under fire from Senator Mark Udall. 

In a letter to the inspector general, Udall highlights the complaints about mismanagement and patient care at the center. 

"Senator Mark Udall sent a letter to the US Department of Veteran's Affairs Inspector General yesterday," said Mike Saccone, the communications director for Senator Udall, "asking it to investigate numerous allegations of mismanagement, whistleblower reprisals, and hostile work conditions"

Saccone said that their office has received multiple complaints from former and current employees at the Center. 

The Grand Junction VA Medical Center is the main resource for Veterans on the Western Slope. 

Paul Sweeney, a public relations officer for the Grand Junction VA medical center, said they were a bit surprised by the letter, but welcome any investigation. 

"We're always open to visits, announced or otherwise," said Sweeney, "if the [Office of the Inspector General] chooses to take action, we'll be waiting for them."

Sweeney also said that they cannot comment on the specifics of the letter, but points out that there are multiple systems already in place to report issues with patient care.  The Center had already been flagged last week for a second visit by the VA inspectors.

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