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Chicken Farm Battle Continues

The battle over a chicken farm in Delta County is not quite over.  A state appeals court recently overturned a decision to shutter the chicken facilities, but the plaintiffs aren’t done fighting.  Travis Jardon is one of them.  He's a Delta resident and neighbor to a proposed chicken farm.

"At the present moment, we have already filed a petition for rehearing with the Colorado Court of Appeals," he says, "we feel that their decision was flawed on a number of legal points, so we have asked them to rehear the case.  If that is denied it is highly likely that we will file a writ with the Colorado Supreme Court to hear the case."

Jardon says they’ll probably wait months to hear a response, and so for now they’re just preparing.

"We know the direction of our arguments that we'll pursue either way if given the opportunity," he says.  "Hopefully that opportunity will start with the Court of Appeals, but if not, then we're hopeful we can raise the legal issues necessary to convince the Supreme Court to take the case.

The case is now over three years old.

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