Pass the Mic: Local Voices Round-up and Community Values Review

Feb 20, 2013

Saturday, March 9th, 3:00 pm @ Paradise Theater, Paonia

See the North Fork Valley through the eyes of seven young reporters, ages 8-12. Hear their dialog with business owners, coal executives, farmers, artists and ranchers about the future of the North Fork Valley.

The youth will present six short, 5-12 minute films. Homestead Rancher Norm Smith, Ela Family Farms and Oxbow Mine President Jim Cooper are just a few of the community voices included in the films.

Pass the Mic, a youth storytelling and news corps program created by KVNF Radio in partnership with the North Fork Heart & Soul Project, seeks to inspire dialogue between young people and adults about the future of the North Fork Valley and to explore the common values among residents. Radio interviews and film projects give residents the opportunity to hear others' stories and viewpoints and about what they value about their life and work in the North Fork Valley.

“These films and interviews educate us about the past, help us to identify our challenges and hopes for the future and give the kids and their subjects an opportunity to express appreciation for what they love here in the valley and what they want to preserve,” said filmmaker and KVNF radio producer Ali Lightfoot, who mentored the Pass the Mic program. “It’s important to consult young people when we are trying to plan for the future, since they are the future, and they are the people that often bring our community together despite our differences.”

The innovative youth radio project brought together seven young reporters (ages 8-12) to the KVNF studios to create video and radio documentaries about their community. With Lightfoot’s help, students filed reports on local coal mines, farms and ranches, and profiled local doctors, business owners, artists and solar energy experts.

Featured films include North Fork at Work, a collection of films that examine the North Fork economy of arts, agriculture, energy, and healthy lifestyles and recreation, and Locally Grown: Coming of Age in the North Fork Valley, a film about four recent high school graduates who talk about growing up in the Western Slope’s North Fork Valley. Nosey but caring neighbors, small town life, respect for hard work and a love of the land are all explored in this moving short film.

The event will provide an opportunity for the audience to participate in Heart & Soul’s community values identification by filling out brief questionnaires about the films during the event. Admission is free and free small popcorn will be provided for the first 50 attendees.

Films featured:
What is Pass the Mic? – a short film about the innovative PTM Project

North Fork at Work – Four films about the North Fork economy – Arts, Healthy Lifestyle, Agriculture
and Energy

Locally Grown: Coming of Age in the North Fork Valley – Four recent graduates talk about growing
up in the North Fork – nosey but caring neighbors, love of the land, hard work and small town life.

Free admission and a free small popcorn for the first 50 attendees!!!

Attend and help the Heart & Soul Project identify our community’s common values.