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The Mystic's Almanac - Pushing Limits

Image: "Soul Sailing" by Missy Rogers
Missy Rogers

Aired Sunday, Sept. 8th, 2013

Pushing limits stretches and strengthens; endless pushing, though, creates a "baggy monster."
I met Martin Gray, a gifted photographer, years ago at an Earth and Spirit gathering. He was traveling around the world, visiting and photographing sacred sites on his mountain bike. He pushed himself in every way possible, on all levels. A few years ago a mutual friend asked if I had heard that Martin had fallen while rock-climbing. I was saddened by Martin's crippling injuries but also curious how Martin would adapt to a world that in the past had been so completely defined by his physical activity. Endless pushing is no more sustainable than an unending inhalation or an infinite exhalation. Ideally a period of growth would be followed by a time of rest. Without a pause for integration, growth is like an endless spring, with no fruit set or seed produced for future seasons. In breath, out breath; push, surrender; plant, harvest. Together they form a sacred whole.