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As the Worm Turns - Tuesday, Aug. 23rd

What's Up On Redlands Mesa? Farm, Garden & Artists' Studio Tour

Jill, Lance & Lulu get started with a sample of corn smut from Lance's garden. (Corn smut is an edible fungus that infects corn. It's considered a delicacy in Mexico.)

Pat calls with a question about cabbage, and another about Brussels sprouts & cauliflower

Duna calls from Norwood, curious how to distinguish types of young fruit trees by tasting the leaves.

Lance shares a video on Facebook of folks at his place threshing oats using pedal power.

See Lance's garden and more, at the Redlands Mesa Farm, Garden & Artists' Studio Tour - Sept 10.

A native Texan, Jeff was bitten by the Colorado "bug" after graduating from UT-Austin. He arrived in Paonia on the October full moon of 1978, and has been involved with KVNF since its earliest days. His first KVNF show was "Sunday Night Live," which featured live musicians performing in the original Garvin Mesa garage/studio.