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The Mystic's Almanac - The Great Experiment

Image: "Soul Sailing" by Missy Rogers
Missy Rogers

Aired Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012 (This episode originally aired on Nov. 9, 2010)

If I viewed my life as an experiment, a Petri dish of experience, what would I devote myself to?

Rushing through an airport, a book title caught my eye: "My Life as an Experiment." I didn't have time to read the subtitle or the back cover, but the title sparked my imagination. I thought of others I knew who had given their lives to some great experiment. Barbara Kingsolver's family devoted an entire year to eating only foods from their garden and local farmers. Geshe Michael Roach applied the Diamond Sutra of Buddhism to his high finance diamond jewelry business. Hitler devoted himself to creating a pure Aryan nation. If my life was a well nourished Petri dish, what would I focus on? Two hours into the plane trip, I had my answer: I'd culture love, wisdom and health in my life/Petri dish, and I'd pray that the experiment might go viral, spreading the best kind of germ in the world.