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Former Music Director Candy Pennetta has retired after 35 years of service. Andrea "Dre" Castillo has stepped in as Music Director & Volunteer DJ Coordinator. Here she will continue Candy's tradition by posting new music additions to KVNF weekly, and gives us a top pick for the week.

Sugar's Pick September 19, 2022

Thee Sacred Souls / Thee Sacred Souls / Daptone:
Another hot debut release from the Daptone label with the San Diego based trio featuring Vocalist Josh Lane, Bassist/Songwriter Sal Samano & Drummer/Songwriter Alex Garcia creating their own take on the retro world of Soul and R&B with their own inimitable modernism...Produced by Daptone co-founder Gabe Roth, the result is grand...And when they tour they become 7 with vocalist, guitar and keyboards... Check them out...