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Brewers Dodge FDA Rule

Two Rascals Brewery, Montrose
Laura Palmisano

The FDA has backed down from a proposed rule that would have impacted brewers.  

Mike King is the owner of Revolution Brewing in Paonia.  

"Breweries have been allowed to get rid of their spent grain, the leftover mash, in a variety of ways that were not regulated, and this has been going on for thousands of years.  Examples would be cattle farms, sheep, chickens," says King, "the regulation was going to make it so you could not use the spent grain as animal feed without it being processed first." 

The rule would have made any brewers to make sure that their wet, used grain would be up to animal feed standards, to make sure it was fit for animal consumption.  Brewers fought back, and the FDA changed the rule to say that if your grain used in making something that’s fit for humans, it’s ok for animals too.   

King says he has no idea how much time and money the rule would have cost him.

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