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Taya Jae

Production Coordinator

The first time Taya was on the radio was a KVNF pledge drive promo recorded in 1998, she was 5. It went something like this, “I like KVNF because it’s fun to listen to music” she goes on to say, “music is like a dream”. Born in Paonia and raised in small towns all across the US, Taya returned to her birthplace 5 years ago. Taya holds a BA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Bennington College and a Graduate Certificate in Audio Storytelling from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. When she's not recording Talkin' Music interviews or producing KVNF's Underwriting spots, Taya can be found cultivating her plant nursery, perfecting her Ira Glass impersonation, or floating down a river somewhere.

  • Amy Scher and Hailey Pexton bring big harmonies, astute insight about the Bluegrass world and a lot of joy and humor to the KVNF studio on this weeks Talkin' Music.
  • Carly and Laura, the leading ladies of the indie-rock band Foxfeather chat with Taya Jae about being women in the music industry, the people who inspire them and the passion and experiences that fuel their music.
  • Durango based band Stillhouse Junkies joins Taya Jae on Talkin' Music to discuss what makes their music original, how they look out for each other on the road, and what we can expect from their upcoming album, Small Towns.
  • Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia joins KVNF's Taya Jae to discuss the changing seasons, the importance of slowing down and the story behind their most recent album, The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know.
  • Portland, Oregon based folk singer John Craigie joins Taya Jae on this weeks Talkin' Music.
  • Paul Cauthen, often referred to as Big Velvet because of his deep and boisterous voice, joins Taya Jae to discuss his new album Country Coming Down, his evolution as a performer, which began as a slow burn, and has since become a raging fire; and how his recent marriage is bringing out a gentler side in his songwriting.
  • Taya Jae interviews Colorado based band The River Arkansas at their recent show in Montrose.
  • Folk and Americana Singer-Songwriter Alicia Stockman joins Taya Jae on Talkin' Music to discuss her debut album, "These Four Walls", the importance of vulnerability, and how to write honest songs.
  • Bracken Creek joins Taya Jae live in the Paonia studio to share where they find inspiration and invite everyone to join them for some porch jams.
  • Will Koster of Denver based band Trout Steak Revival joins Taya Jae on Talkin' Music.