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Taya Jae

Program Coordinator and Public Affairs Producer

The first time Taya was on the radio was a KVNF pledge drive promo recorded in 1998, she was 5. It went something like this, “I like KVNF because it’s fun to listen to music” she goes on to say, “music is like a dream”. Born in Paonia and raised in small towns all across the US, Taya returned to her birthplace 5 years ago. Taya holds a BA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Bennington College and a Graduate Certificate in Audio Storytelling from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. When she's not recording Talkin' Music interviews or producing KVNF's Underwriting spots, Taya can be found cultivating her plant nursery, perfecting her Ira Glass impersonation, or floating down a river somewhere.