Talkin Music: CO Music 2020!

Dec 31, 2020

2020 was a challenging year for musicians but that didn't stop new music from coming out. 'Talkin Music' Host and Producer, Kori Stanton and News Director and Morning Edition Host, Gavin Dahl share some of their favorite songs from Colorado musicians in 2020. 

On the top CO 2020 list:
Gabrielle Louise - "First Train West" - The Unending Alteration of the Human Heart
Daniel Rodriguez - "Colorado" & "Dying Just To Live" - Sojourn of a Burning Sun
Ill-Esha - "Como la Chicha" - Songs From the Sweat Shed
Kaitlyn Williams - "Freedom" - Unreleased
Ghost Tapes - "Nekkid" - Fig
Sarah Mount - Snakehips "Days With You" - Remix 
Griz - "Nights in Shibuya" - Chasing the Golden Hour, Pt. 3
Peach Street Revival - "Rally Roll"  
The Reminders - "Lumumba" 
Ramakhandra - "March of the Ents"