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Ashley Krest

General Manager

Ashley Krest was named the new General Manager of KVNF in January of 2020 and started the position in February. Ashley has worked at KVNF for the past 4 years as the Business and Events Manager; through this position, she has increased ties with the business and nonprofit communities and strengthened connections with our supporters. Before joining the staff, she was an active volunteer at KVNF for two decades, serving as a DJ, member of the program committee, and show host.

With her family, Ashley resides in Paonia. She ran a cut flower farm and worked for other organizations and local businesses for 16 years before coming to KVNF. Of her new position, she said, “You have to balance a lot of different constituents. My nature is to listen to all viewpoints and be inclusive, which makes me a good fit for this organization. In a time when so much of what is happening in society aims to divide, make us into skeptics and discourage engagement, public media has the opposite effect. I believe that people count on KVNF; we are the local voices, your friends and neighbors, and that is something you can lean into, something you can trust."