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Talkin' Music

Talkin’ Music, brought to you each Thursday, highlights local or locally-performing musical artists from a variety of genres with interviews, music and live performances.

Link for podcast subscription: https://www.kvnf.org/podcast/talkin-music/rss.xml

Latest Episodes
  • Jane and Brian Spencer of FINKEL join Taya Jae to talk about learning to hear differently, the death of the ego and collaboration, oh, an music!
  • David and Rene Pacheco and Jason Juarez of Tropa Magica join Taya Jae on Talkin Music.
  • Larry & Joe play a mix of Venezuelan and Appalachian folk music, they've dubbed "Venezualachia", aiming to create a personal and unique sound which blends their distinct backgrounds. This unique musical duo join Taya Jae live in the KVNF studio, to talk about re-inventing bluegrass and the power of music to transcend barriers, heal and, hopefully, leave their audience with a profound sense of joy and connection.
  • Jamie and Kellen of the Coffis Brothers discuss the power of brotherly connection, music in the digital age, and their new EP, Forest Power, on todays Talkin Music.
  • Daniel Rodriguez joins Taya Jae for an intimate conversation set against the boisterous back drop of bluegrass band Big Richard, after his set at Hartwell Park in Ridgway. Daniels new album, Vast Nothing, is out now.
  • KVNF's DJ Bob Dobalina sat down with California Honeydrops drummer Ben Malament before their show at Delicious Orchards back in April.
  • Taya Jae is joined by Denver based musician Covenhoven who will play in Paonia on Monday, August 7.
  • Taya Jae is joined by writer, poet, singer and storyteller Shayla Paradeis on this weeks Talkin' Music. Shayla shares the healing power of nature, her love of thru-hikes and her unique approach to connecting in a technologically saturated world.
  • "You can't dance to a WAV form" says Chris Wood as he discusses the completely analog recording process of the Wood Brothers new album, Heart is the Hero. Chris and Oliver Wood join Taya Jae to talk about childlike enthusiasm, age & wisdom and how necessary empathy is, right now.
  • Samantha Fish joins Taya Jae to talk about her upcoming show in Ridgway, her latest collaborative album, Death Wish Blues and being a young woman in the industry.