Local Motion: Western Colorado Wine Report

Jun 1, 2021

Damaged grape vines on the left from the October, 27th 2020 freeze @ Sauvage Spectrum Winery in Palisade, CO.
Credit Kaibab Sauvage

The devastating reality for most of Colorado’s wine grape growers and producers is a loss of between 80-100% of most wine grapes for the 2021 growing season.

This Local Motion features conversations with Colorado Wine Industry Development Board Director Doug Caskey and several wine growers and producers including, Julie Bennett at Qutori Wines in Paonia, Jayme Henderson and Steve Steese who own and operate The Storm Cellar winery in Hotchkiss, and we’ll also hear from Kaibab Sauvage and Patric Matysiewski from Sauvage Spectrum located in Palisade.