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Local Motion: The North Fork and Knife featuring Eugenia Bone

Taya Jae visits Author and Chef Eugenia Bone in her home in Crawford. Tune in for a joyful, food filled episode and hear Eugenia share recipes, mushroom wisdom and what she believes are the universal truths of foraging.

The first time Taya was on the radio was a KVNF pledge drive promo recorded in 1998, she was 5. It went something like this, “I like KVNF because it’s fun to listen to music” she goes on to say, “music is like a dream”.
Adam became a DJ at KVNF in 2010 and started off doing Open Mic on Thursday Nights. With a multi-media background Adam is also an A/V artist for local shows, media productions and much more. Currently hosting the Sweet Sound he's always exploring new music to play on the air with an eclectic mix of rock, funk, soul and electronica and everything in between.