Adam Smith

Volunteer Coordinator

Adam became a DJ at KVNF in 2010 and started off doing Open Mic on Thursday Nights. With a multi-media background Adam is also an A/V artist for local shows, media productions and much more. Currently hosting the Sweet Sound he's always elxploring new music to play on the air with an eclectic mix of rock, funk, soul and electronica and everything in between.

This week we take a look into the most important part of listening.

Theres no better time then now, to pay attention to why we do things, as we take a look at being mindful of our intentions.


Taking a look at why the breath is the foundation of a mindfulness practice. 

A weekly opportunity for you to pause, find stillness, and look inward leading to a better understanding of self and of the world around you. Your host, Erin Easton will offer teachings to help you find more kindness, peace, and ease in your daily life.

Carbondale Singer-songwriter, Jackson Emmer does a Facebook Livestream hosted by KVNF!