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US 50 bridge closure between Montrose and Gunnison

  • Work on the US 50 Middle Bridge over Blue Mesa Reservoir continue with plans to open the bridge “in some capacity” by the Fourth Of July, reports the Montrose Daily Press. The bridge has been closed for seven weeks. County Road 26, the Lake City Cut Off, continues to be the main detour route. Kebler Pass, connecting Crested Butte with Paonia, is also open for travel.
  • Delta Police are seeking charges against a minor who is suspected of severely injuring 15-year-old Kasen Spencer on May 3rd, reports the Montrose Daily Press. Delta Police have not released the assault suspect’s age or name. They also have not released information on how many other juveniles are accused of providing false information about the incident.
  • The bridge closure on U.S. 50 has some drivers using Gunnison County Road 26, also known as the Lake City Cutoff, as a detour. The road is not open all the time so people need to plan ahead and expect delays. Here's what a couple of motorists using the cutoff had to say about it and an update from emergency response officials.
  • In addition to wrapping up the Little Blue Canyon project on July 4th, CDOT officials are planning to have the U.S. 50 bridge between Montrose and Gunnison partially opened. The bridge closure has drivers detouring on County Road 26. The road is open to single-lane traffic led by a pilot car during certain time frames. For KVNF, Laura Palmisano went to the westbound side of the cutoff to speak to drivers getting in the line up and also check in with local officials.
  • CDOT announced tentative plans to open the Middle Bridge on U.S. 50 in some capacity on July 4, reports the Montrose Daily Press. Repair work will continue on the bridge with restrictions and delays. CDOT is anticipating that permanent repairs will be done before winter. The repairs are expected to keep the bridge safe and allow plans for replacement if it becomes necessary.
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis made a brief stop in Paonia on Monday for a bill signing hosted by Orchard Valley Farms and Market. The Democratic Governor was flanked by Republican State Representative Marc Catlin and Republican State Senator Perry Will. Polis spoke just a few feet from the rapid flowing North Fork of the Gunnison River.
  • The rain held off last Friday as community members gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony of the North Fork Miner’s Trail in Hotchkiss. Delta County Commissioner Wendell Koontz spearheaded the project and the groundbreaking ceremony.
  • The bridge closure on U.S. 50 between Montrose and Gunnison is affecting the delivery of beer and other beverages to the remote mountain town of Lake City. Local restaurants and the town's only liquor store are seeing shipment delays.
  • The bridge closure on U.S. 50 between Montrose and Gunnison is affecting the delivery of beer and other beverages to the remote mountain town of Lake City. For KVNF, Laura Palmisano speaks to Tyler Crump, co-owner of Lake City Liquors about the impacts the bridge closure and restrictions on the cutoff are having on the store and the regional delivery of goods.
  • Cindie Sorensen, owner of Zenzen Gardens, in Paonia is experiencing deja vu coming off last year’s closure of CO Highway 133 that cut off tourism traffic from Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.Now she and numerous businesses in the North Fork Valley in Delta County are facing the closure of US 50, the highway between Gunnison and Montrose, often used by tourists traveling west to a number of Western Slope destinations including the Zenzen Gardens.