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Lisa Johnson
Wil-Dog, Ulises, Raúl and Asdrubal of Ozomatli join Taya Jae on Talkin' Music to talk about the social causes they're fired up about right now, their new album, Marching On and what they love about what they do.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid out new guidance for the national response to COVID-19 on Thursday.
Tami Chappell
AFP via Getty Images
  • Luke Runyon reports on new news about water cuts along the river for KUNC's Colorado River Reporting Project. The seven Colorado River basin states have until mid-August to drastically cut their water use. Federal officials say that’s necessary to keep the river’s giant reservoirs from going empty. If state leaders fail to come up with a plan, they could be facing a federal crackdown. From KUNC Luke Runyon has more on what that might look like. Plus, a new study looks at 2021 tourism numbers in the country's national parks.
  • Twilight each morning & evening is divided into three phases - civil, nautical and astronomical.
  • Reverend Freakchild joins Taya Jae on this weeks Talkin' Music.
  • This week on Local Motion Taya Jae is joined by Gavin Dahl for a final farewell before Gavin begins his next Chapter as Executive Director at KRCL Community Radio. Tune in to hear Gavin share his KVNF highlights, challenges and what he believes is the best burger in the listening area.
  • A fire broke out at the Hoover Dam on Tuesday. GOP gubernatorial candidate picks a running mate. And reporter Matt Hoisch from KOTO in Telluride speaks with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser about some of those recent rulings and his approach to issues facing many Coloradans.
  • Justin Higginbottom for KZMU in Moab reports on a partnership between governmental agencies and university researchers has modern-day trappers searching the state for beavers. But they aren’t after pelts. Instead, they’re using the large rodent to lessen the effects of drought. And The Mountain West News Bureau reports on a new water infrastructure plan from the Department of the Interior.
  • KVNF's weekly call-in gardening show
  • Journalist Stephanie Maltarich will be producing KVNF Regional Newscasts for a few weeks while the station hires our next news director. A new project at Western Colorado University in Gunnison wants to help Ukrainians charge their cellphones -- something that can be challenging without proper equipment. Christopher Biddle from KBUT has the story. Plus, Caitlin Tan from the Mountain West News Bureau reports on how inflation prices are affecting farmers in the West.
  • Part two of Gavin Dahl's interview with U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) focuses on the controversial Supreme Court decisions overturning Roe v. Wade and undermining the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to limit pollution and protect public health. Bennet also comments on threats to democracy and building an economy that works for everyone.
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